Meet The Vice President, Gina Gomulka

VP at Next Step Systems and a Top IT Recruiter

About Our Vice President in Chicago, Gina Gomulka

Gina Gomulka is an experienced executive IT recruiter with Next Step Systems. Her specialty is technical and information technology recruiting. She is one of the top IT recruiters in the Chicago area.

Gina brings over 10 years of professional services experience to Next Step Systems. Gina began her career in advertising and transitioned to professional recruiting. This transition was motivated by a desire to leverage her client service skills to make a difference in the lives of professionals.

Gina consistently strives to align Next Step Systems with companies of a superior stature and work environment and to, in turn, align those companies with stellar candidates driven and passionate about their careers.

Gina Gomulka is an experienced Executive Recruiter that has a reputation of being one of the top recruiters in the Chicago area. She works with companies and candidates in the Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Denver, Dallas and Houston areas just to name a few. She is currently active with recruiting in the Healthcare, Trading / Equities / Stock Market, Manufacturing, Insurance and Computer Services sectors.

Our IT recruiting service actively finds highly skilled information technology candidates from our applicant network. We will then review each applicant carefully to determine the best match for your specific culture. Next Step Systems makes the IT recruiting process effective when you partner with us. We will accurately represent who you are in the applicant marketplace.

Our IT recruiters provide experienced, consultative assistance at every step of the way. We work closely with you and the candidate in the process of interviewing, bargaining and onboarding. When finding the right IT candidate to fit your corporate culture, we are highly selective. Every IT candidate and information technology client going through our process is ensured that we align the right IT talent into the environment of an organization.

If you are representing a company or firm with staffing needs in the IT / Information Technology areas, please e-mail Gina at

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