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Next Step Systems is a recruitment firm offering technical employment services and staffing in Chicago with expert Chicago IT recruiters. We provide services to candidates seeking new opportunities and employers seeking new IT professionals. Specialized IT Recruiting Services for employers and job seekers. Next Step Systems is an information technology recruitment firm and staffing agency in Chicago with expert IT recruiters. We are Chicago IT recruiters providing technical employment services nationwide.

The recognition, recruitment and retention of top IT talent is a major challenge that businesses of all sizes face. We know and expertly fill the executive-level positions for CTO, CIO and CISO positions in this fast-paced and ever-evolving industry. From cloud computing and artificial intelligence to information security and networks, few industries are changing what they are doing and how they are doing it faster. We need to adapt to those changes just as quickly to be successful. These market conditions create intense demand for top talent in a talent pool already stretched. Top performers have more choices than they have in the past and businesses feel the shortage.

If you are in need of top talent to fill open roles at your company and looking for the best in the industry, our information technology recruiters understand how rapidly competitive conditions can change, and we handle these changes to drive business performance effectively and efficiently. We are technical recruiters in the Chicago area ready to find IT candidates to fill your IT openings and technical staffing requirements.

Our recruitment teams are specialists in all industries, markets and verticals. We deliver long term staffing results for junior-level, mid-level to upper management roles. We are committed to direct hire solutions that suit your permanent open positions and career requirements.

We deliver the trained, experienced IT professionals who are moving business forward. We will find your next great hire with customized solutions, collaborative services and deep-seated market insights.

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